AHLS 360 Video Plugin for KRpano

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AHLS 360 Video Plugin for KRpano

VANY Production
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AHLS 360 Video Add-on allows using HLS-packed 360 videos for streaming and on-demand playback as scenes. Based on hls.js and Apple HLS (What is it?).

Key features:

  • Compatible with Desktop, VR headsets, and Mobile devices.
  • Adaptive Resolution to user's device and bandwidth (like on YouTube).
  • Supports 3rd-party HLS CDNs (content delivery networks).
  • Compatible with default vtourskin.xml.

The plugin license will be linked to your KRpano license and domain (depending on the license type).
With any license type, you'll get one year of free plugin updates

What's included:

  • Plugin file - plugin_ahls.xml
  • HLS library - hls.min.js
  • Recommendations on how to prepare 360 videos for HLS (Mac OS - Compressor, Win - FFmpeg)

How to use:

  • Copy plugin files into your tour's subfolder /plugins/
  • Connect the XML part of the plugin to your tour.xml file with the next code (before plugin[video])
  • <include url='%VIEWER%/plugins/plugin_ahls.xml' />
  • Connect the LIBRARY part of the plugin to your tour.html file with the next code in the <head>
  • <script type="text/javascript" src="plugins/hls.min.js"></script>
  • Now, you can apply these attributes to any plugin[video] with videourl source as the HLS m3u8 playlist, and the plugin will do everything for you

hls = "true"
hls_autoQuality = "false"


You'll get HLS compability for your KRpano tour. Just unzip plugin archive and connect it in your tour.xml file.

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